SocksLane Extends Leg Health Awareness Campaign This 2019

SocksLane Extends Leg Health Awareness Campaign This 2019

Portland, OR, July 18, 2019 –(– SocksLane, the leading manufacturer of cotton compression socks, extends their “Leg Health Awareness Campaign” targeted at nurses and health practitioners this 2019. The company is now broadening its campaign to include individuals who have lower leg problems. Problems that can vary from tiredness, fluid retention from standing too long, DVT, or other serious leg problems.

Amanda Dixon, the company CMO, said, “We realized that although the groups we had targeted were very relevant to our campaign, we were leaving others. There are tens of thousands of people that are at risk of getting lower legs conditions…” Ms. Dixon also added: “…The legs are a part of the body that are often neglected. People can improve their quality of life, health, and even looks, by just following some simple tips and wearing compression socks.”

They have also expanded their leg health awareness campaign through their website content. The company now provide articles, tips, life hacks even for clients who are suffering from different leg problems. The blog topics range from what they can drink, eat, wear, and exercise tips for healthier legs. The blogs are published regularly and is updated according to the needs of clients.

SocksLane has manufactured and developed a high-quality compression sock that is made of 65% Natural Combed Cotton and hypoallergenic stretch materials. The high-quality product is claimed to have added an advantage of dramatically reducing the risk of skin reactions and allergies.

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Published at Thu, 18 Jul 2019 07:00:00 +0000