Top 8 Most Stunning Models From The 1950’s

3. Dorian Leigh
Dorian Leigh (Doria Leigh Parker) was a famous model and appeared on more than 50 magazine covers in her day and was the face of Revlon. Men adored her and women wanted to be her. You know what’s really strange though? If it wasn’t for her colleague, she never would’ve thought of being a model. During the war Dorian actually worked as a mechanical engineer and designed parts for planes. Then she developed some problems with her sight and had to switch over to being a copywriter for Republic Pictures. It’s when she was working at the Republic Pictures that a colleague of hers suggested she should try out modeling. And in this case it was the best advice ever, don’t you think?
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4. Suzy Parker
As you can probably tell Suzy was Dorian’s sister. Clearly good look ran in the family, because Suzy also became a model. She was able to become 1950’s fashion icon thanks to her sister’s connection. It was Dorian that introduced Suzy to the famous photographer Richard Avedon. They both went to Paris for the fashion showings in the 50’s and Suzy’s career basically took off from there.
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