Top 8 Most Stunning Models From The 1950’s

5. Jean Patchett
Jean Patchett didn’t really think of becoming a model right away. She was just a girl from Preston, Maryland. She tried a bunch of different occupations first, and even went to secretarial school. But it wasn’t meant to be. Jean was truly meant to be a model. Her dark eyes, tall graceful silhouette with long limbs, and that trademark mole next to her right eye – it’s like she was born to be a model. She signed her first modeling contract in 1948 and in 1950 she was in Vogue. She was a supermodel before the term even existed.
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6. Lisa Fonssagrives
Lisa, like many other girls at the time, never really set out to be a model. As a child she was more interested in art, dance and sculpture. She actually studied art and dance in Berlin. Later on she even opened her own dance school. Her love of dance brought her over to Paris to train for ballet. That’s where she met her future husband Fernand Fonssagrives, who was a photographer. It was him who got her into modeling at first, and then she was picked up by a modeling agency and became a top model. She appeared on covers of Vogue, Time, Vanity Fair and lots of others.
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